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Programmers 8 in 1 Bundle

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Programmers 8 in 1 Bundle
Programmers 8 in 1 Bundle
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What Will I Learn?
You will be able to write your own small applications at the end of this code.
You will learn basic industry standard programming languages

Any Programming Knowledge is Preferable, but not compulsory
You may need to download tools and compilers, if required

This course covers all leading programming languages, starting with C, C++, Java, jаvascript, Python, PHP, Ruby and Swift2

You are meant to watch 1 hour per day for 14 days. This is a commitment you must set aside before you start this course.

We will start with C and C++ programming language. We'll start with data types of C, then quickly dispel the mystery (and fright) that surrounds C's most powerful element, the pointer. Understanding pointers first allows us to grasp the underlying nature of arrays and structs, parameters passed by reference, and many other things hidden by other languages but exposed in C.

Then we will move to streams in C++ , which simplify input and output a great deal.

Then we will start with PHP where we will cover basic syntax, variables, loops and decision constructs. Then we will learn object oriented features along with string functions. After this we will move to arrays then after understand how REQUEST, GET, and POST works with server variables. Next will be how to connect to MySQL database.

jаvascript is a programming language that can be run by all modern web browsers. It is downloaded alongside the HTML code of a webpage. Unlike HTML, which can only be used to display content, jаvascript allows web designers to add functionality and interactivity to their websites.

We will begin the Python section by installing the Python 3 interpreter. We will look at how to run the interpreter in the command line, as well as how to execute our Python source files.
After that, we will learn about how to manipulate some basic data types. We will learn about how use Python to do simple arithmetic. Then, we will learn about working with words and characters, using a data type known as the "string". We will also cover the Boolean type, which is a representation of True and False inside of a programming language.

In Ruby section we will learn how to run Ruby interactively at the command prompt. Then understand variable, constant, variables, methods, classes and control structures. We will also cover attribute specifiers, then learn implementing inheritance and how method access in Ruby works.

Next section covers version 2 of the Swift language. Swift is a powerful language used to develop applications for iPhone, iPad, and OS X. In this course, you'll learn about Xcode 7 (Apple's integrated development environment), and learn to write short programs in Swift, which will prepare you to start learning to develop full applications for Macs and Apple's mobile devices.

I hope you'll join us for this exciting course.

Who is the target audience?
Any Fresher wants to learn Programming Language
Experts who wish to brush up their Programming Knowledge

Curriculum For This Course
Beginning of C
Arrays, Pointer and Conditional Expressions
Functions and Loops
Pointers and Structures
More on Stack, Queue and Doubly List
Introduction to C++
Functions, stringstreams and more
Templates and Classes
Introduction to Java
Classes and Objects
Properties with Modifiers
Methods and Static Properties
Conditionals and Loops
Interfaces in Java
Arrays - Composite Types
Arrays - Collections
Introduction to jаvascript
jаvascript Variables and Primitive Types
jаvascript Object Types
jаvascript Control Flow
jаvascript Document Object Model (DOM)
Introduction to Python
Variables and Basic Data Types
Complex Data Types
Control Flow
Basic Programming Exercises
Introduction to PHP
Object Oriented Features
Arrays and Variables
PHP with MySQL Database
Introduction to Ruby
Hello World and Basic Features
Arrays and Methods in Ruby
Classes Properties and Methods in Ruby
Getting Started with Swift 2 and Xcode 7

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